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Dan was instrumental in getting the Grove Street Bridge replaced after the devastation caused by the Harriman Dam Break. The legislation was sponsored by Dan and the funding was secured by Dan's work with his colleagues in the County Government.

    • Restore discipline to our Budget and cut Taxes
    • Protect and Expand Tuxedo’s Recreation Department
    • Get the Tuxedo Farms Development Moving
    • Protect the Ramapo River from irresponsible actors
    • Revitalize Downtown
    • Promote environmental tourism within the town while ensuring the quality of life of our residents is protected. (The East Village is not a parking lot for hikers.)
    • Maintain our parks. (“Tagging” town property simply can’t be tolerated.)
    • Treat Town Employees with the respect they deserve. We can be efficient stewards of taxpayer money and respectful and grateful for all the work they do at the same time.

"I am very concerned about the town budget. We all made sacrifices so that a huge deficit could be turned into a balanced budget and a comfortable surplus. In one year, that surplus is gone. The police budget was actually cut and the salary for the deputy town supervisor was raised dramatically.  I don’t understand how anyone could vote for that in good conscious.  The current course will inevitably turn into tax increases or layoffs or both. I firmly believe that we can treat our town employees with the respect they deserve and avoid huge tax increases and layoffs if we get a handle on the budget now, before it’s too late. How can I be sure of that? Well, I’ve done it before. As a member of the Ways and Means committee in the legislature every budget I oversaw was smaller than the year before. We never cut services and never laid anyone off. I’ve been on the School Board for almost two years now. Last year’s budget had a ZERO% tax increase. This year’s will be the same. ZERO. Next year’s will be the same. ZERO. " Dan Castricone

Dan working with our County Legislator Barry Cheney and our County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Legislative Majority Leader Katie Bonelli.

 Breaking Ground at the new Orange County Fire Training burn building. Dan co-sponsored the legislation to get it built. 

Committee to Elect Daniel Castricone
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